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Investing in equity factors for the long run

Quarterly Factor Overview - July 2021

Amundi Smart Beta Viewpoint series


Factor investing: a different approach to seeking market performance

Amundi Equity Conservative Strategy: The Time is Now To Act - Conservatively

Understanding the Performance of the Equity Value Factor

Looking for Value across Assets: Is mean-reversion dead?



Risk Premia investing: Covid-19 outbreak and beyond

Beyond the Covid-19 crisis: the predictive power of alternative factors in credit

Amundi Factor Investing Solutions: Equity factor behaviour in Q1 2020

ESG & Factor Investing: a new stage has been reached



Factor Investing: Diversifying risks to enhance long-term performance

Alternative Risk Premia: What Do We Know?

Positioning Value in portfolio construction

Practical applications of Smart Beta: learning from client business cases



Using Factor Investing: How to make the most of factors

Deep dive in factor definitions and behaviors to better combine them