01 | Solidarity funds: financing social players for a positive social and environmental impact

Because we are one of the economic players of today and tomorrow, we finance social businesses. The goal is to generate quantifiable social impact for our clients, over and above the search for financial return.

Key figures of Amundi’s solidarity-based management on 30/09/2018

Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.

5 main investment themes


We contribute to driving local developments by supporting innovative projects. These projects typically include business start-up assistance for populations excluded from the labour market, support to dependent people, financing the construction of eco-friendly homes for housing impoverished families, helping innovative SMEs in the environmental field.

 A charter of 3 commitments

  • Supporting companies over the long term
  • Diversifying our selection of socially-committed players
  • Publishing transparent and concrete information

02 | Environmental Impact: Financing the energy transition and generate a positive impact

Amundi Impact Green Bond strategy

100% green bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP)

Risk/return profiles aligned with traditional fixed income instruments


Measuring the positive impact of investments on the environment and a dedicated impact reporting in tons of CO2 avoided by million of euros invested