A Concrete Approach

As a pioneer in responsible investment, Amundi has always taken environmental, social and governance criteria into consideration as a way to act for sustainable development and to be involved in the energy transition. Concretely, we implement actions to offer dedicated solutions.

Our methodology

Amundi has developed a unique and recognized approach for responsible analysis, rewarded by AFNOR certification since 2013. Thanks to a 24 specialists team dedicated to responsible investment, we have a true expertise to identify companies adopting best practices.

Afnor Cetification

We have a policy of strict exclusion regarding specific sectors with harmful activities to the environment and humans on all our responsible investments, such as chemical weapons, biological or even anti-personnel mines. This is the common basis for responsible analysis. Then, there are different approaches: investing by integrating all the ESG criteria into certified funds or investing in specific topics related to sustainable development challenges, such as water management, access to education or fight against global warming.

ESG integration

We select companies with best practices in Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions according to 36 criteria (15 general and 21 specific) such as energy consumption, labor rights or anti-corruption measures. A rating is then assigned to each issuer, from A to G.

The consideration of ESG factors is part of our DNA and our philosophy. We exclude companies with E, F and G score from our certified and labeled funds.

Themed solutions

We are convinced that some challenges are now the priority : this is the reason why we develop thematic approaches, especially through the social aspect, such as water management, education or food to bring the best solutions with real impacts.

An active vote

Our philosophy is to encourage companies to improve their responsible practices in terms of environment, social policy and organization through positive and incentive support.

We give particular importance on the voting policy and we make our voice heard at the general meetings by supporting responsible initiatives. In 2017, we participated in 2,540 meetings for 32,443 voted resolutions, which allows us to implement our policy of commitment for influence. By the end of 2021, 100% of Amundi's votes at general meetings will take ESG issues into consideration.

Amundi applies the rules of transparency and makes available to everybody its commitment report and its voting policy.

Amundi, a leader in Responsible Investing


worldwide player
in responsible investing1


billions euros of responsible
assets under management1


dedicated specialists and
 labelled funds in many countries1

1. Source Amundi – as of September 30th, 2018

Our company is committed to promote responsible finance and is one of the key players in the financial market by offering a wide range of investment solutions, from the most traditional to the most innovative, in all asset classes and meeting clients expectations in sustainable development.

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